Tip: Ignoring elements

Sometimes you want to ignore elements of your spreadsheet to store notes, equations or hide temporary values. With MetaSheets you can literally comment out columns, rows or sheets (tabs). Once commented out these elements will not be compiled into MetaSheet’s generated class file.

Ignoring rows or columns

To ignore an entire column place a // in front of the column label (label are always in the first row). The same applies to rows and if your first column is of type string, simply add a // in front of the identifier to ignore that row.

Ignoring sheets

You can also ignore entire sheets (tabs) of your spreadsheet by simply adding a // in front of the sheet name. Of course you can still reference values from these sheets within your spreadsheet but the sheet itself will not be included itself.

Better annotations

From personal experience I would advise to not add ignored rows and columns for annotation purposes. Instead use colors, conditional formatting or add notes (Ctrl + Alt + M) to communicate with the rest of the team. Adding an ‘@’ character followed by a team members name will even send them an email.

In the above image you can see color separation of themed ID’s and adding a comment.


Video Tutorials

There are 2 new videos introducing MetaSheets and showcasing more advanced data types. The first video introduces MetaSheets and shows how to set up a spreadsheet in Google Docs for MetaSheets.

The second video covers advanced data types such as enum arrays, color arrays and class references.

More videos will be available in the future on my YouTube channel.

Introduction to MetaSheets

MetaSheets is a addon for Unity that converts Google Spreadsheets into structured C# code. The project has been in the making for a long time but it is finally ready for a first public release.

How does it work?

It takes a Google Spreadsheet and converts each row into an C# object, each column as an property and each tab into an Class. In addition it supports data types, namespaces and extending to base classes.

Once the code is generated it will auto complete in your code editor. Objects can be iterated through using foreach and for loops or using name aliases.

Production Ready

MetaSheets has been used in professional games such as: Risk Global Domination, Death Squared, One More Line, One More Dash, One More Bounce, ABC Gallipoli, Battle of Fromelles and Poziers, Thumbdrift and Good Knight Story.


There is a Free and Professional version available of MetaSheets. The Free version is functional with basic features whereas the Professional version adds support for:

  • Runtime reloading
  • Advanced data types such as enums, classes, dates and many more
  • The ability to extend the spreadsheets to base classes and add additional logic to the data.

You can download the Free version of MetaSheets from the website as well as the Professional version from the Unity Asset Store.